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Notice of New Policy Change:

The CISEC, Inc. Board of Directors have instituted a policy change that affects the renewals and re-certifications that are currently in place.  The contract cycle is yearly instead of every three years, effective immediately (2016)**.  To stay active, your renewal payment, CDHs, and Re-Certification Contract must be submitted every June 30th.

**Please note that all CISEC registrants who are under a 3-year contract have the option to continue to fulfill that obligation with all applicable requirements as specified in their documents.  However, once a 3-year contract has expired, registrants will use the guidelines listed below.

Included in the renewal packet (see link below) is the payment fee form, the CDH submission form and a re-certification contract that is to be signed and submitted to CISEC, Inc. with your renewal payment and CDHs. 

You are required to accumulate a minimum of 12 continuing development hours (CDHs) over the next year.  CDHs can be earned from a variety of sources (see below for list). 

The CDH submission form must be used to record your CDHs and must be submitted each year with your membership renewal fees and Re-Certification Contract.  Contracts will not be renewed if you do not meet the CDH requirements as well as being current with your renewal fees. 

The 12 CDHs per renewal period can be obtained from a variety of sources including:

  • Up to 8 hours by completing more than 180 hours of sediment and erosion control inspection related activities on active construction sites during each 12-month renewal period.
  • Up to 6 hours by volunteering for activities during each 12-month renewal period that advances the storm water field such as participating in watershed clean up events, serving as a Board member on approved professional organizations (e.g., CISEC, IECA), being an exhibitor at storm water forum events, etc.
  • Up to 8 hours by attending at least 8 hours of professional forums each 12-month renewal period that are pertinent to CISEC related activities (e.g., IECA, StormCon).
  • Up to 8 CDHs each 12-month renewal period by registering and attending educational forums pertinent to CISEC related activities.
  • Up to 2 CDHs each 12-month renewal period by presenting or publishing one or more technical papers or moderating a panel at professional forums that are discussing CISEC related activities.
  • Up to 8 CDHs each 12-month renewal period in "Other," these items will be reviewed by Committee and determined if they are applicable.

Proof of CDHs can be submitted on a renewal form when paying an annual renewal fee of by the last day of June. 

Included with the payment form and CDH form is the yearly contract which needs to be signed and submitted with your renewal payment and CDHs.

**Please make sure to fill out the TOP of the CDH form with all your information. Also, please make sure to include the dates you are claiming the credit for.**

Dates that you are claiming CDH for will count only for the year such activities occurred. For example: Attended a conference during February 2009 will count towards CDH for the July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009 time period.

Click here to download Payment Renewal, CDH Form, and Yearly Contract for Yearly Renewal, Late Fee, and/or Reinstatement of Certification (**Updated for 2017***)

If a registrant needs an extension, or will be late due to unforeseen circumstances, please inform CISEC, Inc. via letter, fax, e-mail, or phone of the situation and a one time extension will be granted.

**Please make sure we have your most recent contact information for our files**


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